Class Dojo Behaviour Management System


While on professional experience, I noticed that there was no apparent formal classroom behaviour system, chart, or so on in place. I figured that this was because it was a fairly well-behaved class and maybe, that one was not crucial. However, I feel that behaviour managment systems are a great visual for students and have the capacity to praise good behaviour as well as repremand students exibiting bad behaviour. It is fair and the consistant. Since we are completing professional experience as part of this ICTs course, I thought to myself that surely someone must have come up with a digital behaviour management system. I thought a digital one would provide many benefits that a traditional one might not. For example, keeping stats. So I hopped onto trusty Google and searched it. Low and behold, I found a couple good ones (which was a shame because I could have made a fortune with that idea!). However I settled with Class Dojo. I thought this one was cool as it does keep stats. It has standard awards (for both good and bad behaviour), but you are also able to create your own. All the members in the class have alien-like avatars that teachers and students are able to edit. Also, the website has a feature where parents are able to join and send and receive messages with the teacher.

Such a cool resource and one I plan to use again!

Check out Class Dojo HERE.

To check out another classroom management tool, read  Rebecca McLucas‘ blog post about Bouncy Balls noise meter. I actually found this aswell but never got the chance to implement on professional experience.


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